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Relationships are the most important, impactful, and challenging things in our lives. We can equip you with the tools and techniques needed to achieve a fulfilling and gratifying relationship.

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How do you know it’s time to seek marital counseling?

Here are 8 reasons that can help in making that decision.

1. You simply not satisfied in your marriage. It is not how you thought it would be and you know there just has to be more.

2. Communication between you and your partner is nonexistent, mostly negative or consistently one sided. One of you might be a yeller who can be perceived as a bully. The other might be an avoider who runs from any possibility of a fight and never addresses any issues.

3. Somewhere along the way you have become just roommates. This may mean you no longer sleep in the same bed together, have meals together or you no longer engage in conversations like you once did.

4. When one of both of you has checked out. You or your spouse no longer desire to invest in your marriage and you’ve just seemed to stop caring. You know there’s a problem but neither of you are sure if you even want to address it.

5. You have even mentioned the D word. Divorce. Once this word is spoken, it is a clear indicator that help is needed.

6. Life stresses or circumstances are overwhelming. Perhaps your financial burdens are great, you or your spouse have had health issues, difficulties in parenting have emerged or you just have decisions that need to be made that you can’t seem to navigate together.

7. Adultery or addiction has invaded your marriage. Emotional or physical adultery or any form of addiction. Anything that is present in your marriage that is consuming your mind or your physical body.

8. Your current plans or thoughts are to stay together for the children and then part ways one they leave home or come of a certain age.

It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or all 8 of these issues going on in your marriage.
What matters most is what you do about them.
We understand that not all marriages are salvageable but we also believe that there is no marriage that is outside of God’s reach. The outcome of a marriage engaged in therapy may still be unpredictable, but doing nothing almost guarantees its decline or demise. Take a chance today. Do something different. Give counseling a try.

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