Pre-Marital Counseling

At First Care, we believe in the covenant of marriage and helping create foundational families.
Whether it is your first marriage or not, we believe that you should invest in not just the wedding, but the marriage afterwards.  Because of this, we make use of the best tools to prepare couples for a satisfying, lifelong marriage.
We have 2 customized pre-marital preparation programs (each 6 weeks long) to best fit your situation: PREPARE-ENRICH and SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts).
Check out the links or Contact Us to find out more about how these personalized programs can help lay a lasting foundation in your marriage.
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Before you say I do, there is a lot we would like to help you to learn about yourself, your spouse and your upcoming marriage. 
Here at First Care we can help you…
*Explore strength and growth areas
*Strengthen communication skills
*Identify and manage major stressors
*Resolve conflict using the Ten Step Model
*Develop a more balanced relationship
*Explore family of origin issues
*Discuss financial planning and budgeting
*Establish personal, couple and family goals
*Understand and appreciate personality differences